Profit is more than just selling

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-16
The operating right income of the vending machine mainly includes three parts: sales income, advertising income and material path fee income. Advertising revenue refers to the revenue that operators obtain from external contracting of fuselage advertisements, and feeder fees are similar to the entry fees charged by supermarkets to suppliers. According to statistics, if all advertising income and material channel fee income are included, the annual operating profit of a 21-channel vending machine can reach about 15,000 yuan.
An operator of a vending machine in Shanghai, due to its unique selection and operation characteristics, has achieved an average monthly turnover of 75,000 yuan and a gross profit of 36% with only 3 vending machines.
Vending machines, as a fast investment device with obvious return advantages and convenient maintenance, have enabled more and more people with development aspirations to taste the benefits of being a boss and quickly accumulate original funds.
In foreign countries and Hong Kong, many people regard vending machines as a second job, which will not affect their work, but can also stably increase their income. In a foreign country, there was a middle school student who saved his parents’ pocket money and bought two vending machines. By the time he graduated from university, he was already a boss with a network of more than 30 vending machines.
Vending machines are also one of the best choices for those employees, salespersons, and laid-off workers whose unit efficiency is not good. The stable and reliable income is visible and tangible from now to the future. Some discerning people have been one step ahead and quietly earned a lot of advertising fees and wholesale and retail price differences.
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