Realize remote management of mobile vending machines, etc.

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-30
In the latest Dongguan vending machine, combined with INTERNET, GSM network, telecom operators, etc., it can realize mobile payment and remote management of vending machines. The user dials the number given to the vending machine by the telecom operator through the mobile phone. After the telecom operator confirms the credit line of the mobile phone user, the user can select the corresponding product, and finally the product you need is ejected by the mechanical drive device. At the same time, the operator of the vending machine can use the computer to perform information management, various functions, and text advertisement display settings on the vending machine through the Internet.

Dongguan vending machines, such as automatic beverage machines, automatic snack machines, and comprehensive vending machines, often appear in large shopping malls, subways, and communities around them to facilitate people's shopping. Recently, new members have been added to the vending system. According to media reports, a number of 'vegetable vending machines' produced by well-known vending machine manufacturers have settled in various communities in Shenzhen, and local citizens have realized 24-hour barrier-free shopping for vegetables. You don’t need to go to a supermarket or a vegetable market that has business hours. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits at any time by pressing a few buttons downstairs.
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