The arrival of summer ice cream vending machines

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-12
With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for the quality of life, Qingdao vending machines have higher requirements for the organization, form and taste of ice cream. The ice cream industry continues to develop and progress, and its related equipment and technologies are constantly improved, such as refrigeration technology and new Research on raw materials, new formulas and new additives, improvement of manufacturing processes, development and promotion of new equipment, etc. However, no matter how the ice cream production technology is improved or perfected, the main processes of ice cream machine still mainly include ingredients, homogenization, and aging.
(1) Homogeneous system
The main function of the homogenization system is to homogenize the raw materials. It is mainly based on the three functions of shear, impact and cavities. According to its working principle, it can be divided into: centrifugal homogenizer, ultrasonic homogenizer, high pressure homogenizer and High shear homogenizer, etc. Among them, because the various parameters of the high-pressure homogenizer can be adjusted with different solution parameters, the high-pressure homogenizer is widely used.
(2) Aging system
After ingredients and homogenization, the solution must be quickly cooled to the aging temperature and stored for a period of time, so that the fat in the solution will condense into a solid, and the protein and stabilizer will be hydrated. The Qingdao vending machine improves the viscosity of the solution and the freezing time Expansion rate, this process is called aging, which is physical maturity.
(3) Qingdao vending machine freezing system
The freezing treatment is an extremely important process in the ice cream production process. The freezing machine is the equipment to complete the freezing treatment. It is the key mechanical equipment in the production of ice cream. Its performance is directly related to the quality of ice cream.
(4) Hardening system
The quality of ice cream products is not only related to various factors such as homogenization and freezing, but also has a lot to do with the hardening process. The hardening equipment mainly includes quick-freezing warehouses and quick-freezing tunnels.
The working process of Qingdao vending machine: first add various raw materials into the raw material tank and turn on the power switch. The raw materials are pressed into the high-pressure freezing tank with air in a certain proportion through the mixing pump for homogenization, aging and freezing into a dense liquid (ice cream). Finally, different ice creams are produced through three PLC-controlled flow valves.
Due to the arrival of summer, ice cream vending machines are very popular. However, currently there are few ice cream vending machine manufacturers on the market. The ice cream vending machine is the world's first ice cream machine, with mature technology and remarkable production effects, and is favored and praised by most operators.
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