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by:Easy Touch     2020-09-18
The ancient Egyptian temple was born in 215 BC and used to distribute holy water.
In 1700, there were cigarette cases in British pubs that could be purchased with coins.
In 1706, China manufactured an automatic pencil vending machine operated with coins.
In 1905, the US Post Office began to use stamp vending machines.
In the 1920s, commercial vending machines began to enter the market.
In 1936, NAMA (International Vending Machine Association) was established.
In 1946, the automatic coffee machine was invented.
In 1960, banknote exchange machines appeared on bank counters.
In 1980, electronic components were equipped with vending machines.
In 1985, credit/debit card consumption was realized on vending machines.
In 1993, the wireless transmission of vending machine data was realized.
In 2000, mobile shopping was realized on vending machines. ☆The vending machine business originated in the 1960s and developed rapidly in the United States and Japan.
☆In the 1980s, it began to spread rapidly in economically developed countries, and the field of sales of goods expanded accordingly.
☆At present, it has been widely used in nearly 50 countries in the world.
☆There are nearly 6 million vending machines in Japan, with an average of 23 people owning one.
☆There are nearly 7 million vending machines in the United States, with an average of 40 people owning one.
☆On average, every 60 people in Europe have 1 vending machine.
☆Japan's Coca-Cola Company has nearly 1 million automatic cold drink machines, and each machine sells tens of thousands of cans of beverages annually. Japan’s Coca-Cola’s sales in vending machines account for 70% of its total sales.
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