The Internet and the Internet of Things have opened up

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-28
With the popularization of mobile Internet and the integration of Internet and Internet of Things, Qingdao vending machines have opened a new era of personal consumption, and smart life is getting closer and closer to us. The Internet of Things is built on the basis of the Internet, covering all things in the world, and is closely related to people's daily life. With just one mobile phone, any consumption such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc. can be realized anytime, anywhere.
Qingdao vending machines are equipped with the Internet and use mobile phones to consume via WeChat, which is a great innovation. At the 2013 China Internet Conference, the 'Internet vending machine' showed up for three days and sold more than 10,000 bottles of drinks. At present, more than 12,000 units have been put into operation in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, turning the concept of 'smart Qingdao vending machine' into a 'super salesperson who never leaves work.'
From the Internet to the Internet of Things, it is another revolution in the information field. As an innovative application of the Internet of Things, the significance of the intelligent vending machine is:
One is the disruptive innovation of the O2O model. The operating model of O2O is a typical O2O (Online To Offline). Traditional O2O is to attract customers online and provide offline services, but from offline to online. Compared with traditional O2O, the user identification is clearer and marketing is more accurate. Users are more sticky.
The second is a breakthrough innovation to traditional retail. Traditional retail relies on shopping malls, supermarkets and canteens. Due to the limitations of space and venues, smart vending machines are supermarkets without waiters, allowing more people to enjoy self-service vending services in unlimited spaces, such as boxed lunch, ice cream, cola, and movies. Tickets, air tickets, water and electricity bills... payment and consumption can be completed by scanning the mobile phone.
The third is a revolutionary innovation to Qingdao vending machine e-commerce. The intelligent Qingdao vending machine uses 3G communication, Internet, and multimedia application technologies to build a new e-commerce distribution platform. By building a zero-distance network with users, it reduces logistics costs and breaks the bottleneck of the last 100m of e-commerce.
If the Internet has changed the way people live and work, then the Internet of Things introduces people into the era of individual consumption. Smart Qingdao vending machines open up the channel between the Internet and the Internet of Things, which will completely change the traditional retail and e-commerce operation models. Whether it is for suppliers, service providers, or consumers, it has very important value.
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