The working principle of Dongguan vending machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-13
The workflow of Dongguan vending machine placement has the following steps:
①The user puts the currency into the coin slot, and the currency recognizer recognizes the deposited currency;
②The controller provides the saleable information of the product to the user through the selection button indicator according to the amount of money, and the user can independently select the product to be purchased;
③Dongguan vending machine puts the button corresponding to the product selected by the user, the controller receives the information transmitted by the button, drives the corresponding components, and sells the product selected by the user to the pick-up port;
④If there is enough balance, you can continue to purchase. Within 15 seconds, the vending machine will automatically find zero coins or the user turns the coin refund knob to exit zero coins.
⑤ Withdraw Zcoin from the refund port to complete the transaction.
The above is the working principle of the Dongguan vending machine. When there are goods, identify the receiving currency, the customer selects the goods, judge whether the input amount is enough, whether the change in the machine is enough to make change, ship and make change. This is our experience after use.
The release of vending machines in Dongguan to slow down and respond to climate change has become a hot issue of global concern. Energy saving and environmental protection is also one of our major tasks. New products in the field of environmental protection can reduce environmental pollution or remove environmental pollutants during use. Throwing used beverage bottles into a large machine can be automatically sorted and squashed for recycling. At the same time, coins will be spit out for recycling. The beverage bottle automatic recycling machine is independently developed, designed and produced by a company in Yuyao. Its working principle is similar to that of a vending machine. As long as the beverage bottle is thrown into the recycling machine from the entrance, the machine will pass the barcode on the beverage bottle using barcode printer technology. Automatically recognize the specifications of the beverage bottle, squash it, and at the same time spit out coins that match the market recovery price from another outlet.
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