Vending machine as the main method of advertising media

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-04
Vending machines can be used as advertising media to increase revenue and reduce costs. The main methods are as follows:
  1, video ads
   The most vivid form of advertising display, customized broadcast program, to provide you with the best advertising solution. At the same time, interactive video advertisements can be played to increase user engagement and achieve deeper/marketing effects
  2, static image advertisement
   The best partner for video advertising, exquisite promotional pictures, is the best supplement to video
  3, body advertisement
  The most intuitive form of advertising. Both sides of the vending machine body, the eye-catching stickers on the display area, and the pick-up port provide the most direct form of display for the product.
   4. Goods Road Advertising
   The most targeted form of advertising. The user clicks on the cargo lane button to trigger, and the screen displays product details. Consumers' independent choice determines that the cargo lane advertisement has the highest conversion rate.
   Nowadays, vending machines seem to be ignored because they are everywhere. Objectively speaking, it is an earlier non-store sales method. Vending machines, which seem to be classified as roadside telephone booths, have helped many products open up the market, and even some special products can enter people's lives relying on this special sales method. No matter before, now or in the future, vending machines are a storeless sales method that cannot be ignored.
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