Vending machine that can spit out drinks by listening

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-25
  Vending machines that can spit out drinks by listening to the sound, the way to spit out drinks: Various products of vending machines are available on the market. The person in charge of Qingdao Easy Touch said. Wang Yuming revealed that it will be put on the market soon after the Hangzhou exhibition. 'This kind of vending machine is expected to move into the Beijing subway this month to provide passengers with fast and convenient services. 'It is understood that once the conditions are ripe, it is not ruled out that these new things will also be used in the Hangzhou subway in the future.
So, how to use the sonic payment vending machine? First, each type of product on the vending machine corresponds to a button, press the desired product, then log in to the mobile version of Alipay, click 'Pay in person', then the phone will make a sound to the vending machine, and soon, it will appear on the phone For the information of this product, enter the password and click to pay, the vending machine will drop the selected product.
  At the scene, many visitors were very concerned about when these fresh guys could actually be put on the market. . Alipay said that the ultrasound transmitted by Sonic Payment does not contain sensitive information. It is neither the amount nor the account number, but a series of transaction numbers, and the information is updated every time it is used. Therefore, even if someone is recording on site, it will not affect security. , Users can rest assured in this regard.
'Since the sonic payment is carried out electronically through the online environment, there is no counterfeit bill or change, and every payment can be received online in time, with high efficiency and low cost. A few days ago, the World Trade Center exhibited two latest This is also the first time that sonic wave has been applied to vending machines, which greatly improves the efficiency of vending machines. If Alipay is not installed, according to Wang Yuming, the person in charge of Alipay, these sonic vending machines are made by Qingdao Easy Touch provides that by embedding Alipay's unique sound wave module, it can understand a section of ultrasonic waves emitted by the user's mobile phone, so that this machine can process transactions intelligently like a human.
   However, the most frequently asked questions by staff include 'safety or not' and 'what else can be used in the future'. So this kind of vending machine that can spit out drinks as long as there is a sound brings a lot of convenience to everyone.
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