Vending machines analyze the sequence of operations

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-04
  In each country, the products sold by vending machines are different. For example, some countries sell alcoholic beverages (such as beer, but some countries prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages on vending machines due to laws). There are also vending machines in the United States that sell cigarettes, but due to the serious purchase of cigarettes by minors, the number of such vending machines has been greatly reduced (some states even prohibit vending machines from selling tobacco and alcohol). In some parts of Japan, beverage vending machines can provide free drinking products via remote control when a major disaster occurs.

  The vending machine analyzes the operation sequence from a scientific point of view:

  ①The user puts currency into the coin slot, and the currency recognizer recognizes the invested currency;

  ②The controller provides the saleable information of the product to the user through the indicator light of the selection button according to the amount, and the user can independently select the product to be purchased;

  ③Press the button corresponding to the product selected by the user, the controller receives the information transmitted by the button, drives the corresponding components, and sells the product selected by the user to the fetch port;

  ④If there is enough balance, you can continue to purchase. Within 15 seconds, the vending machine will automatically find zero coins or the user turns the coin refund knob to exit zero coins.

  ⑤ Withdraw zero coins from the refund port to complete the transaction.

  The vending machine is a mechatronics automation device. Under the premise that the currency has been input, the controller activates the mechanical device in the relevant position to complete the specified action and output the goods by means of the input signal of the touch control button.
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