Vending machines are a good choice for your nuggets

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-03
Vending machine technology once again has a sound and powerful R&D system, expanding two excellent R&D teams of soft control and structural design; designing and manufacturing the best vending machine terminal system in China, providing it to Chinese people and consumers around the world The most convenient and fashionable consumption model.
The members of the new R&D team are more experienced in the industry, and after years of exploration, they learn from each other's strengths, learn from others, have a solid foundation of skills, and lead domestic products. The designed product has three advantages: core sophisticated mechanical design, core refrigeration technology, and core electronic control technology.
In particular, the ability to intervene in multiple payment functions and communication functions under the support of electronic control technology can meet the needs of customers for payment and communication functions to the greatest extent, and everyone will soon see the results.
The characteristics of the vending machine are very obvious, mainly as the 'three highs':
1. The machine cost is high. Each vending machine worth 20,000 yuan must realize large-scale operation, and the machine cost is high, which undoubtedly raises the barriers to entry for operators.
2. High distribution cost. Vending machine manufacturers often lack experience in distribution operations. Compared with supermarkets, they have fewer purchases and do not have a significant advantage in commodity prices, and timely distribution may even become a burden.
3. The venue fee is high. The high site fee also hinders the development of vending machines. In some better locations, the monthly site fee for a vending machine is a considerable expense.
If you have the resources to circumvent the above features, vending machines are a good choice for your Nuggets.
There are a lot of businesses today that are very much in demand and one of them is a custom vending machine.
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