Vending machines are convenient tools for consumers

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-31
Drug vending machines in Dongguan have been developed for several years, and they have recently been put into the market. For example, the drugstore vending machine reported in China has also achieved '24-hour drug sales', but this automatic The development of vending machines in China is relatively slow, and it is difficult for customers to enjoy 24-hour drug purchase services.
Theoretically speaking, the 24-hour operation of drug vending machines in Dongguan has a great profit margin. However, through understanding, we found that many drugstore owners are not very optimistic about this vending machine. This is why?
They believe that although vending machines are a convenient tool for consumers and enterprises, their current development in China is not very satisfactory. There are two major factors in this: First, because the popularity of vending machines is too high. Low, so consumers know very little about it; secondly, due to factors such as rent, most of the drug vending machines are basically installed next to pharmacies, which show no advertising value. In the process of popularizing the use of drug vending machines, more companies need to be encouraged to install vending machines to form a scale effect.
At the same time, improve consumers' understanding of the release of drugs sold in Dongguan vending machines. Moreover, in places with a large flow of people, the installation of vending machines for drug sales can provide users with convenient drug purchase channels in a timely manner in the case of emergency drug use.
In general, this is a way to start a business on the mobile Internet through different platforms, using vending machines as the carrier for delivery, with APP as the core control distribution and providing a platform to connect merchants and users.
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