Vending machines only eat money and don’t put anything

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-08
   The vending machine only eats money and does not put anything. Once or twice a citizen encounters a vending machine that only swallows money and does not spit anything. Unexpectedly, after he entered the 1 yuan gold coin, he did not spit out the face paper for a long time.
'It's not the first time I have encountered such an embarrassing thing!' He remembered that just a month ago, when he was riding in the train at Lingzhaobei Wucun Station of Rail Transit Line 8, he encountered an active vending machine. In the case of swallowing money and not spitting it up, “how much money is lost is nothing, but the tool is broken, neither training nor automatic notification. Isn’t this deliberately deceiving consumers?”
   When the sonic skill is no longer necessarily connected to the receiving wrist, for its use scenes, it flourishes in an instant―Velocity superior coupon entry, Lakala’s convenient receipt, and JD-style self-pickup containers can all be involved. He immediately pressed the coin withdrawal knob, and the tool did not respond. In this era when people are all talking about big data, they know how important the data is. Today, news reporters are also experimenting with dialing the phone on the vending machine, but they have no choice but to buy it.
   Some citizens reported that the active vending machine in the Bainianxiaodao Station of Metro Line 6 was malfunctioning, causing him to be 'deceived'. However, there is a major flaw in restricting this kind of online software receiving, and there is a Chinese net's success-netizens ridicule, experiencing sound waves at the Weigongcun subway station, and only one time can go smoothly five times. And will it be the financial self-service terminal that is faltering next?
  According to this citizen, at 8 o'clock the previous morning, he was waiting for teaching at the Centennial Trail Station of the rail transit. During the period, he saw an active vending machine on the platform, so he wanted to buy tissues to wipe sweat. Like the intelligent logistics network that Ali is focused on manufacturing, the sonic terminal placed in the community can also be transformed into a self-pickup container, changing the 'first 100 meters of logistics'. However, the idea that Sonic Receive brings to receive treasure does not stop with offline data. Using a software terminal with built-in sonic skills, it serves as an online-to-offline landing station and an induction exit for the crowds covered by it. As a result, Receipt can convert the scattered, difficult to collect and therefore interesting online traffic into detailed information Identity, so there is a price for online users.
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