Vending machines run 'fully automatic' after the 90s

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-10

Northeast.com, September 21. In the past two years, vending machines have begun to enter the sight of Daqing citizens, but they have not appeared at subway entrances, stop signs, or in communities like other cities. In shopping malls and schools.

   'Post-90s' have a higher usage rate

Although vending machines are rare in our city, they are not completely marketless. During the interview, the reporter found that some post-90s are not unfamiliar with vending machines, and the usage rate is relatively high. They prefer to choose from buying drinks in supermarkets. Use vending machines to buy, call this kind of party

The style is 'very novel and fashionable.' Vending machine manufacturers said that the market prospects for vending machines are very impressive.

   Li Xiang, a junior at Northeast Petroleum University, told reporters that he personally believes that using vending machines to buy drinks is a fashionable thing, which is more convenient and saves the trouble of queuing for payment.

   Some college students said that in addition to cash receipts, some vending machines can also be used to pay through mobile Alipay, which is very convenient.
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