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by:Easy Touch     2020-09-26
Vending machines|At present, many entrepreneurs are thinking about how to use vending machines to start a business, and their focus is also different, such as how to put vending machines in residential areas and how much profit margins are.

Everyone knows that universities, large hospitals, large factories, stations and other places are ideal places to operate vending machines. Both large operators and individual operators are rushing to put machines in these places. However, these places are limited, and there are many other better places to be developed. You can observe more, such as some community residential areas.

In the vending machine exchange group, everyone shared their experiences and cases with new friends:
What I am doing is a franchise of 'unmanned adult products shop', mainly for agents, the venue only needs about 3-5 square meters, in principle, as long as you can put 2-3 vending machines, the advantage is that the rent is less. Take care of. Many people who buy adult-related products are not embarrassed, and do not want someone to be on-site. The form of unmanned sales is more in line with customer requirements.
The netizen from Hangzhou said.

Vending machines are placed downstairs in high-end residential apartments or commercial and residential buildings. Basically, residents wait for the elevator to go up and downstairs to buy bottles of water or other small commodities, or shop late at night. The business is OK, and it is also hired. Replenish the goods on time, but the money you make is quick turnover. If you can't make a lot of money, it is hard money. There are also fruit, vegetable and dairy products vending machines in residential areas that can sell all kinds of dairy products and fruits and vegetables. As long as it is a community with a majority of young people, the benefits are not bad.
The netizen from Tianjin said.

Vending machines in public places in urban hospitals and factories and institutions should still be promising. Its sales model is relatively simple, and it can never replace convenience stores, but it can be used as a supplement to traditional convenience stores.
The netizen from Chengdu said.

1. It depends on whether the sale is really convenient. 2. Whether vending machines for residents' daily use are available. 3. Payment method.
If these three aspects are available, there will be no space in high-end communities. To say how big the space is, it depends on the consumption concepts and ideologies of the residents in the community, after all, this is a new thing.
At present, vending machines are still in the rising stage of development in China, and the prospects are still relatively good. It is relatively easy to do now, and it will be difficult to do it when the market is saturated in the future, so friends who fancy this industry should act quickly.
Netizens from Nanjing said so.

It can be seen that with the development of social economy, the prospect of vending machines is worth looking forward to. For example, Jack Ma's attempt at unmanned vending stores previously seen on the Internet is a good example. The community is densely populated, so as long as the service keeps up, it is still a good money-making project. You can also set up unmanned vending shops in urban villages and densely populated areas. Now young people are thinking ahead and accepting new things fast
Changkuai, most of them love to talk about fashion and decent, they will be the main customer group.
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